Lagana Ascendant: Aries , Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Mars
Mantra: Ohm Aung Aungarkay Namah
Donation: Red Material, Red Kidney Bean, Chana, Gun etc.
Lagana Ascendant: Taurus , Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Venus
Mantra: Ohm Shung Shukray Namah
Donation: White Cloth, Sugar, Rice.
Lagana Ascendant: Gemini ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Mercury
Mantra: Ohm bung budhay Namah
Donation: Green Material as Grass, Green Fruits
Lagana Ascendant: Cancer ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Moon
Mantra: Ohm Kling Somay Namah
Donation: Rice, Sugar, Silver, Pearl
Lagana Ascendant: Leo ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Sun
Mantra: Ohm Ghrinih Suryay Namah
Donation: Red Cloth, Red Sandal, Wood, Gun, Wheat.
Lagana Ascendant: Virgo ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Mercury
Mantra: Ohm Budhay Namah
Donation: Green Material,Grass,Cloth etc.
Lagana Ascendant: Libra ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Venus
Mantra: Ohm Shukradevay Namah
Donation: White Sandal,Wood,Opal,Curd
Lagana Ascendant: Scorpio ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Mars
Mantra: Ohm Hum Hanumante Namah
Donation: Red Cloths,Gun,Wheat,Ladoo.
Lagana Ascendant: Sagittarius ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Jupiter
Mantra: Ohm Bring Brihaspatye Namah
Donation: Yellow Cloths,Turmeric,Yellow Rice.
Lagana Ascendant: Capricorn ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Saturn
Mantra: Ohm Shang Sanishcharay Namah
Donation: Black Cloth,Sesame,Iron,Black Bord.
Lagana Ascendant: Aquarius,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Saturn
Mantra: Ohm Prang Pring Praung Sah Sanishcharay Namah
Donation: Black Materials
Lagana Ascendant: Pisces ,Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant): Jupiter
Mantra: Ohm Brang Bring Braung Brihaspatye Namah
Donation: Banana,Yellow Sweet,Yellow Cloth.

If Suffered from frequent illness, then ensure 1 mala (108 times) chanting of following mantra “Ohm hraung joong sah”. This is laghu (short) mritunjai mantra.
If you are suffering from any disease then ensure 11 mala (11 X 108 times). Chanting of following mantra- “Ohm joong sah mam rogam nashay nashay sah joong ohm” . you will see the wonder effect.


To keep himself always happy, one should chant mantra of his rashi. Besides that early rays of sun in the morning will also keep you mentally happy. Habits of donation and time to time pilgrims will also make your life full of joy and happiness.

If you are suffering from insomnia, depression, nervousness, restlessness or any type of muscle weakness then try out “Grahiya- Shawasan Sidhant” (Planetary Respiratory System ) only for 10-15 minutes daily to cure all the problems. It is worth mentioning here that “Planetary Respiratory system” was evolved by Pandit Rajesh Tiwari after rigours research more than 15 years.

Five mahamantra


  1. Whenever you visit to an astrologer never tell him anything about yourself. Give him your birth details only which required for preparing horoscope.
  2. Do not come into grip of his sweet talks your time is not good, you get annoyed very much, you think good of everybody, you do good but do not get appreciation, money is not saved, there is problem is service or in business etc.
  3. You listen to the astrologer quietly and do not tell anything about yourself. You should not trust the astrologer unless. He foretells ten to fifteen facts correctly about your past and present (These past or present predictions should not be common but specific).
  4. Nearly 99% astrologers make birth chart by computer which anybody can make without knowledge of astrology. They get you confused in the words guessing your position through your questions.
  5. If you ask the astrologer that you tell me about future later on, first you let me know ten to fifteen events of my past and present to prove that my birth detail are correct, you belive that these astrologer who are exporting money by doing dishonour of shastra will leave this occupation out of shame to themselves and you will be saved from being robbed in the home of yantra, kawach, locket, kalsarp yoga etc.